Yearbook page ideas – Confessions page

Air those burning confessions in your yearbook with a confessions page. Those not-so secret acknowledgements can finally be revealed in printed form, here are a few ideas of what could be admitted to:

  • Who fancies who – got a secret crush? Here’s your last chance to let that person know or finally make your number 1 crush public.
  • Secret pranks – did you cook up a practical joke on a teacher? Here’s your chance to fess up and apologise.
  • Embarrassing moments – things that made you red in the face!

There’s a few ways you can include confessions in your yearbook – either add a section per student profile in which they can fill out their confession, or use a dedicated confessions page and ask each person to submit them individually.

If you are designing your own yearbook, use speech bubbles or post-it notes for each confession, or a separate scrap of paper per confession, or simply list them out. Alternatively, if including these within your profile pages, ask each person the write their confession on a piece of paper and hold this up for their photo.

Remember that everyone is going to see your yearbook – be considerate when writing your yearbook confessions, don’t reveal anything you wouldn’t want your Mum to read!