Yearbook page ideas – Celebrate school romance and couples…

Dedicate a page or two to school romance in your yearbook. Celebrate old flames (or even the couples that never were) by putting together a yearbook page or spread with couples’ names and photos. Maybe choose some yearbook awards for couples such as ‘cutest couple’, ‘longest relationship’, ‘most unlikely couple’.

Has Cupid been unkind and left you single? Why not use a yearbook page to confess biggest crushes or the romances that should have been. These will only be revealed when the yearbook is given out – who had a secret crush on you?

Relationships are a big part of school life so record them in your yearbook for others to look back on in twenty years time. If your school organises regular reunions, see which of those couples are still together (or have got together since school), and revisit those cute yearbook snaps when they first got together. Wouldn’t it be great to present your yearbook to couples on their wedding day in the future? Or perhaps they’ll become the next hottest celebrity couple and your yearbook will prove you went to school with them!