Yearbook Page Ideas – Birthdays

During your time at school, college or university you may have started a birthday book or noted all of your friend’s birthdays on a calendar – have you thought about making a permanent record of birthdays in your yearbook?

Including birthdays in your yearbook is a great way of remembering them whether you stay in touch with your friends forever or get back in touch in the future. Here are a few ideas on how to include birthdays in your yearbook:

Birthdays page

Use a dedicated yearbook page just for people’s birthdays, ask people to supply their birth date and make sure they are happy with this information being published. You could list the birthdays in a formal, alphabetical order or list birthday girls and guys under the month they were born.

Alternatively you could use horoscopes instead of the months with each horoscope’s description. For example, Scorpio – are very determined, reserved, loyal, and secretive…(source

One of our 2011 yearbook customers included each month’s birth stone on their birthday pages. You could also note in which Chinese New Year they were born. For example, Year of the Ox, Year of the Tiger, etc. – you can find details of each Chinese New Year animal by clicking here.

Birthday profiles

Another idea is to add each person’s birthday onto their yearbook profile page or student comment. This would work particularly well if you are using a question and answer format for your yearbook profile pages, for example:

Date of Birth:

Decorate your birthday pages with presents, streamers, balloons, cakes, candles, badges, and anything else birthday-related you can think of!

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