Yearbook Page Ideas – 5 more cracking ideas


I know Easter is over, but I couldn’t resist an egg pun. I’m sure many of you will now be in the thick of your yearbook design (if not, don’t panic, there’s still time to get started on a yearbook). Get some egg-stra (ooops) inspiration from our 5 yearbook page ideas below – suitable for any yearbook design theme.

‘When I grow up…’ it may be a bit late to get in touch with your younger self for this, so how about a page showing what you wanted to be in year 7, or even start from now. When collecting comments for your yearbook profile pages add the question ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ the answer can be used as part of student profile pages, or you can dedicate a whole page to leavers’ aspirations for the future. If you’ve got time to really go to town, get each person to act out their future career goal and take photos.

If you’re a teacher who leads the yearbook, start on this early and get your current year 7’s to record what they want to be when they grow up and compare this to their answer in Year 11!
Who (in the public eye) has inspired you more than anyone to push hard over the past few years? Perhaps a TV celeb, sportsman or woman, chef, musician, comedian, government member, or a local hero – use an A-Z of influencers in your yearbook to show those most important in striving to succeed. Of course these wont be the same for everyone, which is why an A-Z is perfect – if there’s more than one influencer for a letter, just list them both.

You may already be familiar with QR codes, similar to bar codes, once scanned using your smartphone, or tablet take you to a web page. A handy little tool for marketeers, QR codes also have a place for extending a printed yearbook. Videos and online galleries are such a massive part of our lives now, we’re bound to want to incorporate the digital world into our yearbooks somehow. If your school has produced a video of a drama performance, sports day, school concert or gig, etc. grab the link and make a QR code of it to print in your yearbook. One word of warning when linking to digital content – websites and links do expire, so in future these videos may not to viewable, so make sure you have plenty of other content in your yearbook too.

How about 12 pages reporting on they last 12 months of your time at school, college or university? Events that took place and major happenings, so you’ll never forget your final year. Either dedicate a month per page, or break a spread (two facing pages) into 6 months per page allowing plenty of room for photos.

Food glorious food, something we’ve been posting about a fair bit lately. Who doesn’t have an opinion on what they love to eat and what they can’t stomach?! Make a food gallery and ask everyone to send in their food heaven and food hell.

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