Yearbook Page Idea: What’s in your school bag?

What you carry around school each day says a lot about you as an individual – which cute notepad and folder designs caught your eye this year? Are you a pencil tin, or a pencil case person? Spill all (yes we mean literally) onto a desk and take a photo of the contents of your school bag to use in your yearbook!

Some of our favourite YouTubers Eve Bennett, Floral Princess and Emma Johanson vlog what’s in their school bag each year (the bag is as much a feature as what’s inside).

How to use what’s in your school bag in your yearbook

Add to your student profile pages
Make your student profile pages totally unique by asking each person to take a photo of what’s in their school bag. Pop this snap alongside their profile photo and let them add a comment about it.

Make a collage of school bags
Use a photo collage/montage page layout, drop in photos of each person’s school bag and what’s inside. Take things a step further by turning it into a ‘Who has a bag like this?’ game.

Create a double-page diagram
Ask each member of your year group for three ‘must-have’ school bag items. Collate the results and use this as a spread in your yearbook with arrows pointing to each item with a description, when it came from and, if possible, how much it cost (great to compare costs in future).

Yearbook Page Idea - What's in your school bag spread

How to take photos of your school bag

Arrange items in a neat grid, magazine-style, and number for reference. We’d recommend using a neutral background, like a desk, or plain floor. You’ll need to take your photos from directly above, so using the floor will make life easier.

Alternatively, use a white piece of paper, photograph each item separately and arrange them when you upload the photos to your online yearbook project.

For a more freestyle approach, gently tip out the school bag contents and let the magic of gravity decide how your items are arranged. We won’t tell anyone if you want to make some adjustments for the sake of aesthetics.

A final composition we like is a side slide (not an official technical term). Turn your bag sideways and poke each item out of the top. This allows you the option to take the photo from different angles (rather than from above) and choose your fave.

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