Yearbook Page Idea-Time Capsule


According to Wikipedia:

time capsule is a historic cache of goods or information, usually intended as a method of communication with future people and to help future archaeologists, anthropologists, or historians.

Have you made a physical time capsule at school and buried it somewhere? Think of a time capsule yearbook page like Twitter Moments, pulling together the best bits that have happened during your year group’s journey. Here are a few specific ideas for a time capsule page, spread (two pages) or section in your leavers’ book:

  1. “The most memorable things…”

    List out and find photos of the most memorable moments in your year group’s time at school. These could be trips, school events, class projects, hilarious quotes by teachers, visitors to your school and drama / music events.

  2. First day at school

    I’m sure there’s a truly treasured snap in the family vault of embarrassing photos, but your first day at school really is an epic milestone (especially if you compare it to the day you leave). Add each person’s first day photo with a short written memory, or what they think about now looking back.

  3.  Message to the future me

    Who knows what the future holds. Perhaps you have the next 10 years all mapped out, or maybe the next 10 minutes. Think about what you’d like to say to yourself down the line and get it in your yearbook for future reference.

  4. What’s hot (and what’s not)

    Trends come and go, so remember what you were into at school by making a time capsule of what’s hot (for example, spinners, FitBit,, Dua Lipa) and what’s flopped in the past few years.

  5. Off the press

    Dig out the most prominent newspaper and magazine headlines. Add a smattering of TV, Netflix and YouTube essential viewing. Imagine watching these back with your own kids in the future!

  6. Personal messages

    Leave this part of your yearbook blank (or with just a title), so your year group can gather their own handwritten messages!

Show those future archaeologists, anthropologists, or historians what an amazing year group you were 🙂

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