Yearbook Page Idea: Show off your Greatest Achievements

A leavers’ yearbook isn’t just about remembering each other – it’s also about remembering your own, and other leavers’ achievements. How else are you going to prove your were the best [insert amazing skill here]?

Achievement pages differ a little to yearbook award pages in that they celebrate school-related achievements. These could be for sports, attendance, or extra curricular/out-of-school club achievements.

Now here’s something I don’t get to say (or write) very often – an achievements yearbook page is perfect for both primary and secondary leavers’ books! Let’s take a look at some achievement ideas for each…

What’s in the post?

  • Student achievement ideas (for primary and secondary students)
  • Design ideas for an Achievements yearbook page

Achievement ideas for primary schools

  • Most books read
  • Top of the class (most merits/awards)
  • Best costume for World Book Day
  • Player of the Year
  • Mathletics champion
  • Spelling Bee champion
  • Most organised
outstanding achievements

Achievement ideas for secondary school

  • Best attendance record
  • Most Fluent in French/Spanish/German
  • Player of the Year
  • Significant contribution to the school’s charity/fundraising efforts
  • Single act of bravery
  • Biggest contributor to the wider life of the school
  • Pristine uniform achievement

Design ideas for achievements pages

I know I said before that these are different to awards pages and they are, content-wise. The design however can be very much the same. If you have an awards page already set-up in your yearbook – bingo! You have an Achievements page.

If you’re starting from scratch, don’t worry yourself with anything complex. The majority of your editing time is likely to be copy & paste (saving those brain cells).

To achieve a quick and easy design yourself:

  • 1. Calculate how many achievements you need to fit per page
  • 2. Add a picture box (this can be a circle, square, etc.)
  • 3. Pop a text box underneath it (make sure you allow enough space for the achievement title, and student name)

Now select both elements and copy (ctrl + c) & paste (ctrl + v) them and arrange them in a grid on your page. If you’re using Yearbook Creator software, this template is already set up for you!

If you have any questions, or would like us to post about a specific yearbook design, or page idea let us know!