Yearbook Page Idea: School Days Photo Collage

When you’re planning your yearbook pages and thinking about student profile pages, teacher pages, trips, ‘Guess Who?’, dream job, etc. it’s easy to overlook a simple photo collage page documenting student life in the school building. A School Days yearbook page is a great way to remember those many hours spent in the school grounds, especially if you don’t have enough pages to dedicate to every event individually!

Class time

Remember those quick selfies you took before the teacher arrived to class, or those snaps during drama rehearsals? Get them in your School Days page.

Ask other primary school teachers if they took photos during class.

Lunch break

Breaks are prime time for friendship group photos – sat out picnicking on the field, or in the lunch hall. Get members of the year group to send anything they’ve captured over the years.

Art class

In my experience art projects magically disappear after a few years, either because they’re too delicate to store, or they take up too much space. Don’t let those masterpieces be forgotten forever. Photograph each piece of artwork, so you have evidence if a former pupil gets exhibited in the Louvre!

Sports day

Many schools use a separate yearbook spread for sports day photos, but if this isn’t for you then a general School Days collage page is indeed the perfect place! Give pride of place to trophy winners, and remember to try and capture all who took part.

Field Trips

Perhaps you’re dedicating other pages to those trips further afield. Use the School Days spread to give a nod to shorter outings and field trips.

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