Yearbook Page Idea: New Year Resolutions

Welcome back and happy new year to you, lovely reader!

Love them, or hate them resolutions happen without us even realising. The breaking of a new year helps us take a fresh look and start a clean slate whatever has gone before. Who hasn’t seen that meme in their newsfeed about the “first blank page of a 365 page book”?

Around 90% (just a guess) of us keep our new year resolutions in our head, which is fairly non-commital, so let’s try this – make a yearbook page of resolutions!

New Year Resolutions Ideas

What in the world are you going to write on a yearbook page? Let’s have a look at some ideas and examples. According to Static Brain the top three resolutions for 2017 are:

  • Eat healthier
  • Self improvement
  • Better financial decisions

Pretty standard, and what you’d expect. I don’t think anyone would argue that these are worthy candidates. However, it would be great to think one step deeper into these resolutions, break them down into smaller, more achieveable goals. For example:

Eat healthier – 1. I am going to cut down my meat intake by a third per week. 2. I will cut down on bread. 3. I will try 3 new vegetables this year.

Self improvement – 1. I am going to spend two hours per week learning a new skill. 2. I will make more time to speak with my best friend(s).

Better financial decisions – 1. I will cut down my takeaway drinks to 3 per week. 2. I will try a cheaper brand of make-up. 3. I will plan my meals before I go shopping.

The above are just suggestions, but hopefully you can see what I’m getting at. Small steps are much more realistic to conquer than large ‘fluffy’ ones!

Now you have some resolution ideas, how to put your new year resolutions into a yearbook? Here’s a pick of suggestions.

Student profile page questions

Are you using a series of questions for your student profile pages? This is the perfect place to ask:

  • This year I really want to…
  • What is your biggest goal?
  • What do you aim to get better at?
  • I will start a good habit of…
  • I want to learn how to…
  • A good deed I’m going to do this year is:
  • A place I’d like to visit:
  • A book I’d like to read:
  • A new food I’m going to try:

Photo montage page

Ask each person to write their resolution on a whiteboard, or piece of paper and hold them up for a photo. Arrange the photos on a montage page and add a title:

Page title ideas

  • This year I will…
  • A New Years State Of Mind
  • Out With The Old In With The New
  • Resolution Revolution
  • Welcome To (year)

New year resolutions page

Make an infographic, or list of your favourite resolutions. Do a quick survey in school to find out the top 20, and use them in your yearbook.


  • More sleep
  • More music
  • More creativity
  • More laughter
  • More hugs
  • More exercise
  • More exploring
  • More patience
  • More relaxing
  • More water
  • More travel
  • More confidence
  • More listening


  • Less excuses
  • Less complaining
  • Less hate
  • Less worry
  • Less ungratefulness
  • Less sugar
  • Less insecurity
  • Less social media
  • Less TV have free resolutions printables. Get them up on the noticeboard and see what students plan more, or less of in 2017!

Do something that your future self will thank you for, make a yearbook 🙂

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