Yearbook Page Idea: Our Form Through the Years

Have you ever counted the number of hours you’ve spent with your form group? You’ve shared the majority of your teenage years with these people, whether you stay in touch, or not, they will always be a part of your life. To remember just how much you’ve grown together here are a few yearbook page ideas to try out yourself.

Guess who yearbook page ideas

2. Baby photos

Ask your folks to crack out the baby photo album and create the most adorable baby photos page. If you want to make it an interactive page, turn it into a ‘Guess Who?’ quiz page.

Yearbook Page Idea-First Day

2. First day

All those fresh little faces of Year 1, Year 7, P1 and S1. Gather all the photos you can get your hands on and create a collage in your leavers’ yearbook! Parents love to see how much their children have changed over the years, this page is an almost guaranteed tear jerker.

Yearbook Page Idea-Through the years

3. Through the years

Your yearbook as whole tells a memorable story of your life through school, so think of a ‘Through the years’ page as a quick synopsis in pictures.

When you’ve collected all the photos from contributors, either arrange them into groups of first year through to final year and create multiple photo montage pages, or create one big montage to illustrate your year group over the years.

4. Final days

It’s never too late to get those final photos of your year group. Record your last days at school and make a photo montage to put at the end of your yearbook.

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