Yearbook Page Idea: Crackin’ Christmas Fun & Games

Parties, pantos, markets, concerts, nativity, assemblies, awards nights – who else can almost smell the turkey? It’s a busy time of year both in and outside of school, but we thoroughly recommend taking a bit of time record your festivities for your yearbook.

A yearbook page or spread dedicated to all things Christmas is so much fun. Everyone mucks in, gets creative and shares that all important spirit of giving, which make fantastic photos!

Here are a few page ideas you can adopt to remember the warm and fuzzies of your time together leading up to the end of the Autumn term…

Putting on a show

Oh yes you did! Performing in front of a bunch of people doesn’t come naturally to everyone. I certainly tip my santa hat to anyone with the baubles to take to a stage. Their bravery and talent should be remembered and celebrated, with a starring role as part of a yearbook photo montage page.

This could be the start of a huge Hollywood career, or this year’s leading actor may never repeat the experience. Let’s help them remember these moments of great personal achievement (and bravery).

Yearbook design tip…

Get some photos of the cast before they hit the stage, as well as during the performance. Use a movie-themed yearbook page background and fill it with a montage of photos dedicated to an unforgettable show!

Christmas elves giving back

Did your school run a charity event? A sponsored santa run? A bake sale? Crafting for a shoe box appeal? Well, this definitely deserves credit. A ton of preparation and hard work goes into organising any event, so make sure someone is handy with a smartphone, or (even better) a camera to catch the action as the day unfolds.

Top tip…

Reserve a space on your yearbook page to show the total you raised and give the organisers a shout-out.

Crimbo costumes (and Jumper Day)

Officially Christmas Jumper Day isn’t until 16th December, but we won’t tell anyone if you break out the loudest woolies in your closet a few days early. At SPC HQ we love dressing up, and fully encourage plenty of fancy dress competitions and themed days to give that costume box a thorough riffling through.

Top design tip…

Take each person in costume and give them a pose – this could be pointing, giving a thumbs up, jazz hands, or for those who like an easy life looking up, down, left or right. Photograph them on a plain background from the waist up. Arrange these photos in a grid to cover your page and you’ll start to see each person interacting with another on the page!

We love seeing all of your seasonal efforts on Twitter and Facebook, and really hope to see lots of ‘Christmas fun and games‘ yearbook pages next year 🙂

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