Your yearbook needs you – don’t forget leavers’ prom snaps!

I can almost smell the Easter eggs – if you’re already on your holidays then we hope you’ve got egg-citing (sorry) stuff planned! We’re still here to help you with any yearbook questions and today we’re thinking into the (not so) distant future of your school prom. You’ll undoubtedly be taking plenty of photos of everyone looking amazing – so save a space in your yearbook as they’re a more than worthy to feature.

Before prom night:

  • Set up an online sharing point (such as Dropbox, or Google Drive) ready for the night itself, people can upload their photos as they take them!
  • If you’ve set up a yearbook Facebook group ask that snaps be uploaded to a prom album.

Put up posters at the prom venue to remind everyone how and where to send their photos. Many of the year will be taking their next steps in their career or education, so it’ll be difficult to contact them later on.

So your next question will be how do I add them later? You probably haven’t built a time-machine yet to transport you back a few months (and neither have we before you ask), but it’s actually easier than you think… get the rest of your pages designed in advance so that you can get those pages checked ahead of time. For example, if you are designing your yearbook yourself using our online Yearbook Hub then send a version of your yearbook with future events photo pages left blank. Once you’ve filled the reserved pages with content, resend the whole yearbook to us. With the rest of the book all ready to go, it shouldn’t take long to put a couple of photo montage pages together, and it shouldn’t take you long to approve them either!

Enjoy your Easter break, go easy on those eggs!