Yearbook marketing – the ultimate guide

As Christmas stock makes it onto the shelves (which always seems too early) and tv adverts begin campaigns of cosy clothes and winter warming, it’s time to start planning and putting your yearbook marketing strategy into action. ‘Already?!’ I hear you say…

Spreading the word early on, and building excitement about your yearbook is crucial. There will be many distractions later in the academic year, leaving the marketing until later on will mean missed opportunities to create a buzz about your yearbook project. It’s also good to let people know early on that there will be a yearbook so that they can prepare any content they wish to contribute.

Getting your yearbook marketing organised early allows you to make more of your marketing campaigns, here are just a few ideas:

Extra offers – early bird order offers with a strict deadline (a % off their yearbook perhaps), special discount days – these could be tied in with yearbook promotion days (see below), or buy one get one half price (if your budget allows).

Spread the cost schemes – families and fellow students may be more willing to purchase a yearbook if they can spread the payments, rather than stumping up the whole amount in one go. Set strict deadlines for a payment schedule, such as £5.00 before the end of November, £5.00 before the end of January, etc.

Yearbook promotion days – raise awareness that your yearbook exists by planning a day per term dedicated to your yearbook marketing efforts. One day only discount offers should help encourage interest and it’s a good idea to show people a taster of what the yearbook looks like. Ask teachers or staff if the yearbook can be mentioned in assemblies, and be ready to take orders afterwards for those keen to sign up there and then.

Planned social media efforts – Use online tools and social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest to support your marketing efforts. Set up a Facebook group for the committee to announce yearbook news and answer questions, have your own YouTube or Vimeo channel for yearbook documentary films and promo videos. Look for design ideas on Pinterest and blast exclusive discounts and offers on Twitter.

Pay online or offline options – convenience is key, therefore having a couple of yearbook payment options is a great way to cover all bases. Ask your school office about any online payment systems that are already set up, such as Paypal, or online banking and distribute details of online payment options to parents (via email or letters home). For offline payments cheques are ideal, but make sure people know whom to make the cheque payable (if you have set up a specific yearbook fund bank account, this may be different to the school’s main account name).

Keep the yearbook in people’s minds – printed marketing literature is very important in keeping your yearbook at the forefront of people’s minds. Posters in classrooms, common rooms and corridors placed in people’s eye line will keep reminding them about your school yearbook.