Yearbook ideas – Yearbook Committee page

The yearbook committee have done the hard, but rewarding work of putting together your school yearbook – a dedicated committee page is a nice way to celebrate and show appreciation for their efforts.

Introduction from the Yearbook Committee
If the Headteacher isn’t writing an introduction for your yearbook, an intro by the Yearbook Committee is a great alternative. Write a short paragraph and credit those who helped with the yearbook, accompany this with a photo of each member or a group photo.

If you’re limited on your book’s number of pages, couple the Yearbook Committee introduction/thank you page with messages from the Head Boy/Head Girl/Headteacher to save space. Many schools either include a comment per committee member or add their signatures to the bottom of the page.

Thank you page
If you would rather opt for a more general committee page, a simple ‘thank you’ note at the end of your yearbook is a thoughtful way to thank those who put in the effort and made your yearbook become a reality. Don’t forget to mention any teachers/parents/guardians who also put in their time and helped things along.

Yearbook Committee photos
Short of time or can’t think of anything to write? If so, just include individual Yearbook Committee members’ photos with names beneath, or a whole group photo with a list of who held which role.

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