Yearbook Ideas: Time At School Pages

Time at School Pages

Your yearbooks primary function is to document all of your classmates and those great memories from your school years. But actually, your time at school wasn’t made up of things that happened within the school walls. We think that pages that show some of the cultural events that mark your time at school work really well.

Make a timeline

Whilst there are a number of ways that you could feature ‘Time at School Pages’ in your yearbook, we love timelines. They’re a simple, clear way of portraying information.

When we say ‘time line’ you are probably picturing a horizontal line representing a period of time with other smaller lines branching off it representing events. Of course that is one way to display a timeline, but it is not the only way. In fact, there don’t have to be a line involved at all.

There are some awesome, free to use, infographic builders on the web that can help you make a stunning looking time line. Alternatively you can just use a few yearbooks pages to tell the story of your time in school. Throw some pictures in there and add a bit of colour and these pages could be some of the most stunning in the yearbook.

In the news

This is rather self explanatory. During your years at school there have been some huge news stories. Whether that’s a presidential election, a royal baby (or two), or London 2012,  big news stories are great additions to timeline pages.

You can also include some local news stories if there are any that stand out.

Pop culture

If anything, pop culture has more of an impact on our lives than news stories. So you should definitely include some of the major events in your time line section. These can include bog TV storylines, blockbuster movie releases, or the break up of your favourite band (or favourite celebrity couple). Anything that had you talking and tweeting about it, can go in your timeline.


You might not realise this now, but in ten or fifteen years time, there is a good chance that you will look back on some of the things you wore during your time at school and cringe. So you might as well make that easier for yourself by including some of the more bizarre fashion choices you have made in your yearbooks.

May I suggest that the ‘man bun’ goes straight to the front of the queue?

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