Yearbook Ideas: School Clubs Pages

School Clubs Pages

If you are looking for more pages for your yearbook, setting a couple aside for your school clubs is a good idea. We’re not going to lie to you and tell you that these are vital, or that your yearbook wouldn’t be the same without them, but actually quite a lot of people include school club pages, and we really like them. And that’s what our yearbook ideas are all about really. Pages that aren’t necessary, but are definitely fun.

Students often spend a lot of time with their school clubs, and they regularly find themselves representing the school in the community. That is why we think it is a really nice idea to devote a couple of yearbooks pages to them

Sports clubs

Your schools sports clubs are sure to have some great photos that you can use in the yearbook, they might even have some pics from a sports tour they have been on,

Musical Clubs

School clubs don’t stop at sports clubs. You might have a school choir or band, maybe even a glee club. Okay, maybe we took that one too far, of course you don’t have a glee club. But still, any clubs that you do have could very easily feature in your yearbooks. Especially the musical ones, who we are sure entertained you during many an assembly.