Yearbook Ideas: Recreate Famous Movie Scenes For Your Yearbook Photos

Everyone loves movies. Which is why our movies theme is so popular. And it’s why so many of our customers choose to use quotes from films / TV shows as their yearbook quotes. So if you’re going for a movie theme, or featuring film quotes, why not go all the way and ask your year to recreate stills from famous movies for their student photos.

If you are tempted with this yearbook idea: try to consider the following advice:

1) It should be recognisable

There is very little point in choosing a still that no one will recognise. Even if it’s from a huge and well known movie, you still have to choose the right image. You know the iconic bit in Titanic, where Jack is stood behind Rose with her arms outstretched looking out to sea. That would work perfectly. But a random scene where Jack is sat on a chair doing nothing – not so much. It has to be iconic.

2) Blockbusters work best

But if someone want’s to be different. Let them.

This yearbook idea works best with big blockbuster movies. You know the ones that everyone in the world has seen and can quote line-for-line. They work best because they’re recognisable. However, we all know someone who is a little bit of a movie snob. Someone who doesn’t like big budges films because they just ‘don’t have any soul’ or they’re ‘all action but no storyline or character development’. (I used to be one of these people.)

If someone in your year is a bit like this, and doesn’t want to go for a blockbuster movie but would rather pick a scene from some foreign language film that no one has ever heard of; let them. Your yearbook is for everyone, so let them have their way. Plus it gives them something to look back on in a few years time and think ‘why on earth did I think it was cool to be so pretentious?’

3) Fancy dress helps

Many movie stills can be re-created without fancy dress. But a lot of the time it helps. Dressing up like Gandalf makes it a lot more obvious that you’re about to shout ‘you shall not pass’ than merely standing on a bridge with a big stick in your hand.

Speaking of which, props help too. Take the picture to the right for example. If I didn’t have the fancy dress and the glasses and wand, I could be recreating a scene from pretty much any movie. But i’m not, i’m actually (yet again) pretending to be the greatest wizard of all time. You can be creative with props too. Want to re-create a still from Jurassic Park? You might not be able to get your hands on a real life dinosaur, but a teddy might work. Or even your pet cat.

Remember; not everyone has to do this.

And that’s fine. You might like the idea, and want to run with it, but it is likely that you will be met with opposition. Not everyone is up for this sort of thing. Don’t worry. You can still use this yearbook idea.

You can use any photos you want for your student profile photos, just include a couple of pages of pictures of you and some other people from your year group re-creating famous movie stills. It is still great fun, and will still look awesome. Especially with a movie theme.

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