Yearbook ideas – more cover design ideas

Have a think about what you would like on your yearbook cover. Often the last part of the yearbook to be designed, the cover is always the first thing people see. Here are some cover design ideas from SPC Yearbooks:

  • Use everyone’s signatures to create a rainbow cover (shown above), you can still include your school logo and leavers’ year on the cover too!
  • Magazine letter cut-outs make a great scrapbook theme cover. Spell out anything you like and have the letters sit on a busy or plain background.
  • Use inspirational words or phrases on your yearbook cover – something to sum up your leavers’ year.
  • Use students’ names to make up the shape of your leavers’ year, a word cloud or a shape (similar to SPC Yearbooks’ hoodie designs).
  • Get everyone’s fingerprints and make a fingerprint tree, or gather fingerprints into the shape of your leavers’ year.
  • Old skool style – look at old sports annuals or yearbooks for inspiration. Retro-style fonts and black and white photos will really add to the theme.
  • For a simple, classic cover design include your school name and your leavers’ year only. SPC’s Foil blocking for hard back cloth / leather effect binding options are ideal for creating a traditional feel to your yearbook cover.
  • Comic book style – big bold graphics and colourful elements make up a great comic book-style yearbook cover.

If you’re designing the yearbook cover yourself, speak to your account manager about sizes for your front and back cover as these will vary depending on which binding style you have chosen. Don’t forget your back page will be on the left hand side and the front cover on the right hand side of the image if you’re designing a cover for perfect binding or full colour hardback books.

Have you got an amazing yearbook cover idea to tell us about? Post a comment below or on our visit our Facebook page and share your yearbook ideas!


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