Yearbook Ideas: Guess Who Pages

Guess Who

Guess Who pages can be a really good way to make your yearbooks interactive and fun. There are lots of ways you can implement a Guess Who page, here are some of our favourites:

Baby photos

This is the classic way of approaching a guess who page. Ask students (and teachers) to send in some pictures of them when they were babies, and feature them on a double page spread.

Face mash-ups

If you have a little bit of design ability, you can try to create some face mash-ups. This involves  taking facial features from two or three people and putting them together to create one face. It can be fun, but very difficult, trying to work out whose features make up a mash-up face.


If you don’t want to include any pictures in your guess who pages then you can just use facts about students. For example; ‘I fell off a fence on a school trip in year seven’. And the challenge is to guess who each fact refers to. 

We know that this goes without saying, but don’t forget to include the answers on your guess who page somewhere. Upside down in the bottom right corner is of course the traditional place to do so.

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