Yearbook Ideas: Awards Pages

Awards Pages

Award pages generally fall into two categories. Awards that recognise past ‘achievements’ and awards that predict the future. So naturally, we have separated our awards ideas into the same categories. We have some great yearbook ideas for getting the most out of your awards pages.

Recognising Past ‘Achievements’

  • Best Dressed
  • Best Smile
  • Best Couple
  • Best FIFA player
  • Best car
  • Best bum
  • Best singing voice
  • Best sense of humour
  • Best celebrity impression
  • Best excuse for being late
  • Worst Driver
  • Worst Dressed
  • Worst sense of humour
  • Worst attempt at a ‘man bun’
  • Biggest fool
  • Biggest class clown
  • Biggest drama queen
  • Biggest class clown
  • Biggest one direction fan
  • Biggest Poser
  • Biggest ego
  • Most Annoying
  • Most gullible
  • Most stubborn

Predicting the future (most/least likely)

  • Most likely to end up on Jeremy Kyle
  • Most likely to have a twitter spat with Zayn Malik
  • Most likely to inspire Taylor Swift to write a breakup song about them
  • Most likely to become a Justin Bieber tribute act
  • Most likely to appear on dragons den
  • Most likely to be an extra in Hollyoaks
  • Most likely to lie in an interview
  • Most likely to spend the night in a police cell
  • Most likely to win a Nobel Peace Prize
  • Most likely to become a crazy cat lady
  • Most likely to compete in the Olympics
  • Most likely to move abroad
  • Most likely to be married by the age of 21
  • Most likely to become prime minister
  • Most likely to cry on the last day
  • Least likely to graduate university
  • Least likely to ever get a job
  • Least likely to attend a school reunion
  • Least likely to remember any of our names in five years time
  • Least likely to ever be able to grow facial hair

More Tips

How to Vote

You could just decide who wins each award yourselves, but we suggest that you would be better off having people vote for them. It’s the fairest and most accurate way of deciding who gets each award.

You could do this the old fashioned way, by putting a ballot box out somewhere in school and asking everyone in your year group to drop their voting forms in. Alternatively you could use an online poll. Online polls make it really easy to vote for your yearbook awards, and there are plenty to choose from. Poll Daddy, Mister Poll, Easy Polls and Survey Monkey are all free to use and come highly recommended by us.

We don’t want to be seen to favour one method over the other, but the online poll method is much, much better. You should vote that way.

Host an Awards Night

Usually you would let everyone discover the winners of the awards when they open their yearbooks for the first time, but we think that is a little boring, so why not host an awards night and properly honour the winners.

You don’t even have to organise a whole event for it, you could simply incorporate it into another occasion. If you are having an end of year prom, you could kick off proceedings by announcing the winners of the yearbook awards. If you’re not having a prom then ask your teachers if you can take over an assembly and turn it into an awards ceremony. Make assembly fun for a change.

Have some teacher awards

We passionately believe in featuring your teachers in your yearbooks, put bluntly, they deserve to be there.

Teachers awards can be approached in two ways, you can either award your teacher:

  • Teacher who is definitely much older then they say they are
  • Teacher most likely to hand out an unfair detention
  • Teacher we secretly quite liked

Or you can think up some categories for the teachers to award to the students:

  • Best excuse for not having homework
  • Student we actually think is really funny
  • Student we would like in our class every year

Making the awards page look pretty

Awards pages are great fun, but it’s not just the content that is important in a yearbook, it needs to look good too. So how do you present your awards page?

Text over a background:

Possibly the simplest way is to feature your awards as text only, but make the page look pretty by carefully choosing a background. This could be a background image or a pattern, whichever best suits the theme you have chosen for your yearbook.

Pictures, pictures everywhere:

Pictures make everything better. Books, posters, photo frames. None would be complete without at least one picture. And yearbooks are not an exception to this rule. Chances are there are going to be a lot of photo’s in your yearbook anyway, and the awards page is a great place to feature some more.

You could  take a group photo of every award winner, or take their photo’s separately. If you want to go all out with the awards theme you can make an award (just out of gold card) and photograph each winner next to their trophy.

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