Yearbook Theme Idea: End of a Journey

End of a Journey

Without wanting to sound too deep and profound, your time at school is like a journey, and one which you are likely to be nearing the end of. Because of this, we find that the ‘journey’ theme works really well. They help the yearbook tell a story. 

Here are some tips to put this look together

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The First Page

If you are going for this theme, you are going to want to make the concept really clear from the very first page:

  • A Road. As Boyz II Men once sung ‘we have come to the end of the road’, featuring a picture of a road, possibly the road leading to your school, on the first page makes it clear that you are going for a journey theme.
  • Travel Itinerary: You could use a travel itinerary in two ways, firstly as a ‘contents page’, or alternatively as an itinerary for the future, with ‘go to uni’ and ‘get a job’ on the list.
  • Passport to the Future: There are very, very, few places in which the image of a passport wouldn’t immediately make people think of journeys. If you have some design experience you could edit an image of a passport to say something like ‘Passport to a life after school’. You could be really clever and make the front page look like a passport and the first page could become the inside page of a passport, detailing the ‘rules’ and purpose of the passport yearbook.

Other design ideas

There are loads of things that you could use to symbolise a journey, here are a few that we think work really well:

  • Maps, use maps as backgrounds, or as part of a collage with other photographs. Maps of your school surroundings, or places you visited on a trip would be a really great idea. Use pins and string graphics to show the different places you’ve visited.
  • Stamps, postal or travel stamps make great elements in a journey themed yearbook. They can be used as a feature or just to fill up some unwanted empty space.
  • Photos, use plenty of photos from school trips in your journey themed yearbook. It looks awesome when you make them look like Polaroid photos with a note underneath with the date and really brief description.
  • Travel Tags, you know the things, the tags you put on your luggage when you go abroad. They don’t have to be a central part of the design but can be useful for annotating or labelling pictures.  
  • Postcard, using postcards for your student and teacher pages can be a really effective way of including a photo and a comment. It also provides a clear guideline for how long the comments can be.
  • Plane Tickets, Using plane tickets in your design looks great, they can be used to convey all sorts of information or simply as a decorative graphic.

Bonus Yearbook Idea:

You know when you walk into arrivals at an airport, there are always a group of people with signs that have someone’s name on them.

You could include pages with pictures of your year group from year seven in ‘arrivals’. Your tutors could be holding signs with your tutor group on them. Sign’s are a great design idea that you could easily feature in this theme.