A guide to generating yearbook funding with adverts

Raising funds for your yearbooks can be challenging. However, there are ways to lessen the financial impact, one of these ways is by asking local companies if they can subsidise your yearbooks in exchange for advertising space. Start by listing companies with a link to the school, for example parents’ own businesses or companies whose target market is teenagers or parents – for example local colleges and universities or sports/fitness clubs and craft classes.

Use different advert sizes to determine the cost of advertising – whether it’s a full page, half page or quarter page and its position within the book, with those more towards the front and on right hand pages costing more than those towards the back and on left hand pages. Premium positions could be the inside front and back cover.

In addition to pricing structure, the companies you contact will probably also ask about the quantity you expect to be printed (circulation) as the more yearbooks are printed, the more appealing the venture will be for them as it has greater potential for reaping new business.

A ‘rate card’ is a document used by magazines and newspapers to let marketeers and advertisers know the rates of their publication’s advertising space.

Be brave and good luck!