Yearbook design ideas – using signs in your yearbook

If you’re looking for a way to make your yearbook stand out and have time to be a little more creative, this could be a yearbook design idea for you! You can use signs to display all sorts of information, from simply having each student holding a sign up with their name, to having students grouped together holding the letters which make up your school name. It will take a little more organising and planning than regular yearbook student photos, but it can be very effective.

Individual students

Each student is issued with a piece of card which they can put their own artwork onto. This could be their name, last message, one word that sums them up, a drawing, etc. They are then photographed holding up their sign up for their yearbook profile. You could choose to have a formal yearbook photo alongside a relaxed yearbook photo, using signs for each student if you have enough space.

Using blackboards/whiteboards for student profiles

For this idea, each student uses a blackboard/whiteboard as their canvas to draw something which shows their likes/interests/personality, and this is used for the background of their yearbook student photo. A good example of this can be found here –

Yearbook awards pages

As previously mentioned for student profiles – all winners can hold up a sign with their name and the award they have received written on as shown in this example (“Awards Example.jpg”).

Groups of students

You may want to have a group of students holding up a sign, for example your yearbook committee’s message, or maybe use it for your front or back cover image. If your yearbook is being fully designed by SPC Yearbooks we can add the text afterwards if need be.

Yearbook front cover

You could line up a group of students holding letters which spell the school name, ‘Yearbook’, ‘Class of 2013’ or the leaver’s year. This could work nicely as part of a whole year photo on the cover, if you’re thinking of having this.

Yearbook folios (page numbers)

For each page of the yearbook a student/students hold up the numbers for the page folio. This will need to be quite a simple photo as it will need to be small to be used in the corner of each page. Therefore it could be best to keep to 1 or 2 people for each folio. An example is shown here (“Folio Sign Example.jpg”).

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