Yearbook Design Ideas: Photo Pages

You have to include loads of pictures in your yearbook. It’s a must. But you don’t have to feature photo pages that are essentially just lots of pictures. You can be way more creative than that.

Photo pages are generally exactly what the title suggests. Pages of photo’s. No comments, no titles, just let the pictures do the talking.

Photo pages are ideal for displaying photos of trips, tutor groups, friendship groups, drama productions, and much much more. They are often some of the most popular pages in the yearbook.

Three steps to putting your photo pages together

1) Decide on the style and theme of the page

Firstly decide on the theme. This could be tutor group photos, or photos from school trips etc. Then choose a style.

The ‘style’ refers to the way the photos appear on the page, their lay out. But you should consider more than just that. You should also think about how the pictures interact with one another. (Bear with us on this one.)

You could just collect a group of related photos and create a collage with them in your yearbook. Or you could carefully consider which pictures go next to each other. In reality, this will only work if you are willing to take new photos. But if you are, it will be more than worth it.

Making your pictures interact

We think it is fun if you make your pictures interact with each other. In other words, use lots of small photos to create one big effect. Here are a couple of ways you could do that.

Have the subjects of each photo acknowledge each other. Maybe just by looking at each other, or with a wave, or a thumbs up. This adds an extra level to your photo pages, and can result in a more memorable photo.

Position each photo in an order which creates an image. You could use your arms and hands to make a shape such as a heart or a circle.

Choosing to style your photo pages like this does take some planning and a little bit of work. So make sure you have the time available to put them together.

2)  Take / collect the photos

This step is pretty obvious really. If you want to create a photo page, you’re going to need some photos. You will probably find that there are loads of photos out there, on Facebook, Instagram etc. So you shouldn’t have too much of an issue getting them together.

You should also ask your teachers if they have any pictures from trips of sports fixtures you can use. And remember if the picture is on someone else’s Facebook or Instagram, you should ask their permission to use it. Even if you are tagged in it.

3) Put the page together

Once you have a theme, style, and lay out in mind, and you have collected/taken all of the photos you need, it is time to put the pages together.

If you are using our online software, Yearbook Hub there are lots of templates you can use, which make it really easy to put a picture page together. 

Finally, if you are creating the yearbook using your own software, there are sites like Shape Collage or Canva, which you can use to make your photo page yearbook ideas a reality.