Yearbook Ideas: Caption your yearbook photos

How often do you post to Instagram without a caption? In my case almost never. Captions are the third most read part of a publication, after the heading and sub-heading, so they definitely don’t go unnoticed. Yearbook photos tell a visual story and captions are great at extending that story.

Simple captions

Quick descriptive captions give further information to readers, such as the date the photo was taken, location and name of the event. Simple captions are really useful on trips pages, detailing where the photo was taken and what the activity was. A swift prompt like this will prove extremely useful in the future.

Design idea: Adopt Instagram and Twitter style hashtags for short captions.

Longer captions

Give your reader the inside info by writing a concise, but detailed caption. Describe the content of the photo, what happened before, during and after the moment the camera shutter triggered. Explain the motive behind taking the photo and create a mini-story if you like.

Funny captions

No doubt you’ve have plenty of giggles of the last few years. Use funny captions to recall the moment so you can relive it in future.

Caption this

Make your reader do the work by leaving a blank space underneath each photo for individuals to write their own photo caption.

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