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Yearbook Design Idea: Using Signs

Using Signs:

Signs are everywhere. On streets, in schools, in shops. And they’re everywhere because they work. But if I told you that you can have a lot of fun with signs, you probably wouldn’t believe me, would you.

Using signs is one of our favourite yearbook ideas, and a simple but effective way to improve your yearbooks.

1: Awards Pages

Take photos of students holding signs for the awards they have won. Rather than having a page of writing, or a picture of a student next to the award they have won, combine the two.

This is a particularly good idea if one of your awards is ‘student most likely to be pictured holding up a sign in their yearbook’.

2: The Front Cover

You’re front cover has to look good. It is going to be everyone’s first impression of your yearbook. So why not take a photo of your entire year groups for your front cover. Better yet, have some students hold up signs with letters on, spelling out the name of your school.

3: Memories

Ask students to write down some of their favourite memories on a piece of card or a hand-held whiteboard, and feature these as memory pages. 

4: Quotes

Similarly to memories. We find that quotes pages become more interesting, more personal and more fun if signs are used. Picture students with their quote on a sign. And remember, you are Lisa Simpson.

It’s different, it’s personal to you, and it’ll look great. We really can’t think of any reason why you wouldn’t want to use this design idea in your yearbook

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