Yearbook Design Idea: Playing with Patterns

Thinking of sticking with plain block colour background in your yearbook? Try taking your leavers’ book design one step further by using patterned backgrounds. Patterns don’t have to be bold and ‘in yer face’ – subtle stripes and profound polkadots are more our bag. We’ve put together a few examples showing you how to use patterned backgrounds in our online editor, Yearbook Hub.

Yearbook Design Idea Playful Patterns Polkadots

Polkadot Power

Fun and friendly by nature, the beauty of polkadots is that they can be bold or subtle depending on a simple decision of colour. In the example page above we’ve used a blue background with varied tones of blue polkadots. The result being more like a texture effect than a statement.

If you want to go bigger and bolder the page on the right shows an example of contrasting colour polkadots. It’s preferable to use this type of background for photo montages/collages to avoid your content having to fight for attention.

Yearbook Design Idea Playful Patterns stripes

Super Stripes

Breton, barcode, candy or rainbow are always in fashion for yearbooks. Similar to polkadots, they can be subtle or statement. Keep in mind that stripes suggest structure, so make sure your content lines up, otherwise it’ll stand out like a sore thumb. Yearbook Hub’s editor has a handy grid overlay to help you out and pre-designed layouts help save you time too.

Break up your stripes with some curves, like we’ve done with the doodle-style frames. Using a few bits of Yearbook Hub clipart and elements helps make your yearbook design more personal.