Yearbook Design Idea: Magazine Articles

Magazine Articles

This is one of the best yearbook ideas to get memories and stories from your school years into the yearbook. 

Magazine (or Newspaper) articles should not be used to tell the story of your entire time at school. When was the last time you picked up a magazine and read an article which detailed the events of the last seven years of someone’s life? Nor should they be used excessively. They work best if you just include three or four, spaced out through the yearbook.

Report on an event

This is our favourite way of using magazine articles. They are a great way to retell a school event. Whether that’s a school trip or a drama club production, you can easily feature it in the form of a magazine article.

Here are some other possible events you could write a ‘magazine article’ on:

  • School trip
  • Drama production
  • The first day of year seven (a nice way to begin the yearbook)
  • Your prom
  • Sports days

Introduce Sections

Magazine articles work really well when used to introduce other sections. You could use them to introduce tutor groups to separate out your student pages.

They could also work really well as teacher pages, or you could feature a message from your head teacher in the form of a magazine page.

Sports News

Using a newspaper article seems a pretty natural way of reporting on your sports teams. Whether they won a tournament, had a long unbeaten record, or scored a record number of goals in a game, it might be good fun to write a newspaper or magazine article for them


Magazines love their gossip pages, and we have found that people making yearbooks do too. So why not combine the two. Reflect on some of the gossip from your school-days in the form of a magazine article.

Magazine / newspaper articles work best in certain themes. We find that if you use a ‘Scrapbook’ or ‘End of a Journey’ theme, you will get the most out of this design idea.