Yearbook Design Idea: Adding Colour

Adding Colour

It goes without saying really, but you’ve got to add a bit of colour to your yearbook. Sometimes that’s easier said than done. The colours have to complement each other. And which colours do you use? You need to create a colour scheme for your yearbook.

How do you decide upon a colour scheme?

Use your school colours

Most schools tend to have recognised school colours. The colours used in their logo or crest, and the uniform, and on the letters they send out. Seeing as your yearbook is designed to remember your time at school by, we recommend using these colours as your colour scheme. Your school logo is likely to be featured in your yearbook somewhere, so it makes sense to use that as a starting point for your colour scheme.

If you don’t want to use your school colours, maybe you’re bored with them after all these years, then you can always make your own colour scheme. If you choose to do so, you need to remember the rule of three.

The Rule of Three

The three musketeers, snap crackle and pop, Destiny’s Child. All the best things come in threes. So if you are going to create your own colour scheme, pick three core colours and stick to them. You can use different shades of these colours but try to avoid too many as this will distract the reader from the content of your yearbook.

You can use your chosen 3 colours differently on each page: for example, use colour 1 as the most dominant on one page or throughout a section, then swap this for colour 2 on the next page or section and so on.


  • Be consistent. Use a small number of colour consistently throughout the yearbook. This is the best way to guarantee a great looking yearbook.
  • If you’re using dark or pale colours make sure that your text is clear and readable. On dark backgrounds choose a light shade of that colour (or white) for text, on pale backgrounds opt for a darker shade (or black).
  • Always remember to leave a 15mm margin around the inside edge of your page to ensure that text and images are not cut off when your yearbook is trimmed and bound. Our online creator, Yearbook Hub has guidelines to help you.