Yearbook Cover Ideas – School of Selfies

Breaking news… The craze that swept the entire planet makes great yearbook cover content! Selfies are ideal for yearbooks as I’d bet that everyone has at least ten ready to go – saving you precious time taking the photos yourself. By the way, selfies should definitely feature in a time capsule page, will we still be popping out the selfie stick in twenty years from now? Anyway back to this decade.

How to collect your selfies

Call a selfie collection point, this could be a Google Drive folder, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and ask your yearbook group to drop any approved selfies in there. Upload them to Yearbook Hub (in a separate folder to the rest of your candid photos) ready to be place onto your cover.

How to arrange your selfies

When it comes to placing the photos on your yearbook cover there are a few things to consider:

  1. How many selfies do you have? This will help you plan the size of the photos (and how many you need to squeeze on).
  2. How would you like the photos formatted? In a grid (like the covers on our sample pack’s guide), or less formal like a traditional yearbook collage page.
  3. Where will your yearbook title sit? Either place your photos around the title, or carefully overlap the title without obscuring anyone.

Ready to start your yearbook project? Request a demo account of our online Yearbook Hub and have a play!