Yearbook Page Ideas: The Truth Is… Confessions

It’s the fortnight of lurrrrve, so we thought we’d celebrate with a coulple of fun yearbook page ideas to fit the mood. In this first installment we’ll get all those secrets off your chest with a leavers’ confessions page.

The following will be uncovered in this post:

  • How to write a yearbook confession
  • Confessions page design ideas
  • Yearbook confession examples

Writing Yearbook Confessions

Let’s admit it, we’ve all read the juicy confessions columns in magazines. Here’s your opportunity to own up to that harmless prank, or confess your undying love for a fellow year group member. You might actually just want to admit that you have really enjoyed a certain class, but never wanted to tell anyone! All of these are perfect for your yearbook confessions page.

The anatomy, as it were, of a confession varies, it could be half page of story of something that happened on a schools trip, or it can be a really short sentence; limited to a certain number of words. I’ve seen some great examples of 6 word yearbook confessions, such as:

“I’m sexy and I know it”
“I slipped on potato at lunch”
“I can’t dunk, yet I’m tall”
“I really enjoyed Food Tech btw”
“Mr Ellis you light my life”
“I’m actually missing you all already”

When requesting yearbook confessions, remember that confessers will probably want to remain anonymous. Put up a postbox (aka a cardboard box with a slither cut-out) and ask that confessions are written down and posted.

Yearbook Confessions: Design Ideas

You’re off the hook with photographs on confessions pages, so your yearbook’s page design needs to work a bit harder!

For short confessions we love ripped note paper for a truly ‘out of the diary’ style, or post-it notes. Speech bubbles work really well too. If you’re a bit of a whizz in Photoshop you could use a wood background and make the confessions look like they’ve been carved out.

If you’re overwhelmed with loads of amazing confessions, try categorising them throughout your yearbook – a page for ‘secret crush’, one for ’embarrassing moments’, etc.

Yearbook Confession Examples

“…I hid 13 piercings since year 9”

“…I am secretly Batman”

“…I’ve liked someone for three years, and I never got the chance to tell (or the courage)”

“…Mr Jenkins is bae”

“…On the weekends me and my friends come to school for Maths, but instead we sneaked into the sports hall and danced around IN OUR NORMAL SHOES. No one was there to stop us!”

“…I’ve been wearing nail polish without getting caught for the past 5 years!”

“…I’ve been signing my own planner since day one!”

“…I’ve made out with someone in one of the R.E classrooms!”