Yearbook committee meeting agendas – what should you talk about?

Throughout our yearbook blog posts we’ve spoken a lot about organisation. A significant part of the organisation during your yearbook project comes from teamwork and communication. This is why a yearbook committee and yearbook committee meetings are crucial during your leavers’ book project.

Display a calendar in your common area or your designated yearbook committee meeting place and arrange to meet every week during the early stages of your yearbook project (i.e. planning) and increase this as you get closer to your deadlines (i.e. collecting content & design). Record your meeting dates on the calendar and, if possible, send a reminder via email, on your Google calendar, or set up events for each meeting to remind your Facebook group members.

Here are a few ideas and suggestions for your yearbook committee agenda:

  • Try and keep meeting day, time and place the same each week to help people remember them, e.g. every Tuesday lunchtime.
  • Nominate a member of your yearbook committee to make notes at every meeting so you can look back at what was discussed and re-visit any thoughts or ideas.
  • Begin meetings by recapping action points/targets set in the previous meeting. Ask each yearbook committee member to talk about their designated tasks and progress.
  • Allow everyone to voice their ideas and opinions and make sure that anyone who missed your previous meeting is brought up to speed.
  • Ask whoever is in charge of the design to bring print-outs of the yearbook (which you can export out of Yearbook Hub) so you can all review progress.
  • Always set action points/targets to be achieved ready for the next meeting to keep your yearbook project moving.

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