Yearbook Committee. Assemble.

First of all, let me apologise for the title. It was supposed to be a (very loose) reference to a film that is 11 years old now, so there’s a good chance that nobody got it. I got 99 problems, and outdated references is definitely one of them. Anyway, onto the blog, and a completely fabricated quote from Kim Kardashian.

“A yearbook must never be worked on alone”– Kim Kardashian

Whilst we accept that it is more than likely that Kim Kardashian has never actually said that, there is a chance, right? No? Okay. My bad.

But still, she’s right, even if she never said it. You just can’t disagree with her logic. Which isn’t something you can often say about Kim K!

When it comes to creating a yearbook, and pretty much anything in life really, it is always better in a team. Do you really think Frodo could have breached the gates of Mordor alone? Of course not. Would Professor X have been able to stand up for humankind without the aid of the X-Men? Dont be silly. Could Harry Potter have destroyed all seven Horcruxes and defeat ‘He who shall not be named’ if he didn’t have Ron and Hermione to help him? Well, probably actually, he is an outstanding wizard. But could Beyonce stand alone as a solo artist without Destiny’s Child backing her up? Okay so I’m struggling to think of any more good examples here, but lets face it, if you’re reading this blog you’re probably not Harry Potter or Beyonce are you?

And if you’re not Harry Potter or Beyonce, but you still want to create a yearbook- you’re going to need a team. But how many people do you need in your team? There were three Powerpuff Girls, and they did a pretty outstanding job of protecting Townsville. But unless you have super powers, including the ability to fly, you will probably need more than three people in your team. Chelsea are doing pretty well this year in the Premiership? But eleven team members and five substitutes is probably a bit excessive when it comes to creating a yearbook.

You know who we think got it right? Scooby Doo. For all his shortcomings, there’s a dog who knows how to assemble a team. So before you get to work, let people know that you need a yearbook committee, and you have the following roles available.

Fred Jones- Whilst he may not be the protagonist, it’s pretty clear that Fred is in charge. You will need someone to take this role in your committee. Someone who will be responsible for delegating tasks, setting deadlines for other members, and unveiling the ‘ghost’ for the imposter it really is. Sorry, we mean, generally managing the process. You will also be responsible for deciding upon the design, layout, theme etc. Although we suggest that these are group decisions.

Daphne Blake- You will need to be the head of marketing. This is a very important role, you need to make sure that the entire year group knows about the yearbook, and be a constant source of information. Make sure you have a good professional relationship with Fred, as the two of you might find yourselves working together quite often.

Velma Dinkely- You will be the copywriter and proofreader. It is your responsibility to type up peoples’ comments into the design. It will also be down to you to make sure that everyone sends their comments in on time, and to proofread them to make sure they’re appropriate. We would recommend asking a teacher to help you with this part though!

Shaggy Rogers- Unless you have a school photographer, you will need to make sure that photos are taken at specific events. School prom, sports days etc. You will also be responsible for ensuring that students send in their photos, and that they are all of good enough quality to go into the yearbook!

Scrappy Doo- This might surprise you a little, but the Scrappy Doo is actually the finance coordinator. In many ways it is the most important job of all, you don’t want to spend time creating your yearbook to discover you don’t have the funds to buy them! You will be responsible for collecting payment from students and making sure it is all accounted for. You should have had enough experience at this keeping count of your scooby snacks!

Scooby Doo- This role is actually best played by a member of staff! You need a staff member to oversee the whole project. Whilst they might not be actively involved in creating the yearbook, you need someone to head up the task. They also serve as a great point of contact for us. But like the Colonel at KFC, just because his face in on the bucket, doesn’t mean he’s in the kitchen frying the chicken!

You can designate a single person to each of the above roles or split each role between 2-3 people. Make sure that you get others in your year involved in your yearbook.
And if this team structure doesn’t work for you, maybe you want something that isn’t so 90’s, let us know how you’re planning on putting a team together!