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Yearbook awards ideas – Most likely to…

Is your yearbook team struggling to think of yearbook awards page ideas? Take a look at our previous post ‘Showcase your talent with an awards page…’ for lots of yearbook awards ideas, and see below for yet more Most likely to…‘ award ideas:

Most likely to become a farmer
Most likely to marry their school sweetheart
Most likely to marry a rich man / woman
Most likely to get asked for ID when they’re 30
Most likely to take over the world
Most likely to end up teaching at your school
Most likely to have a town named after them
Most likely to invent something
Most likely to marry a model
Most likely to move abroad
Most likely to buy a sports car
Most likely to work on children’s TV
Most likely to make you laugh
most likely to write a best selling book
Most likely to become a Hollywood star
Most likely to become a Bollywood star
Most likely to get to number 1 in the charts

To make voting really easy use an online poll. There are plenty to choose from, such as Poll Daddy, Mister Poll, Easy Polls and Survey Monkey. Don’t forget to use a photo of the winner next to their award title in your yearbook. If you have enough space, you could show the runners up too.

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