Yearbook Award Ideas: 50+ Most Likely to…

We thought it was about time to unleash another edition of ‘Most Likely To…” yearbook award ideas. If you missed the last post of suggestions, take a look at our previous set of most likely to ideas.

Dedicate pages of your yearbook to these awards, or incorporate them into your profile pages (ideal if you’re using a question/answer format for your student comments). Coming up with your own “Most Likely To…” categories makes a really fun game – you’ll learn loads about your friends, students, teachers and year group! The SPC Yearbooks team put on their rather fabulous thinking caps and came up with the following ideas just for you:

Most likely to…

Win the lottery but lose the ticket
Be a WAG
Be asked for ID at 30
Be a millionaire
Discover a new chemical element
Come back and teach at the school
Start a meme
Own a company
Marry someone famous
Shave their head
Cure disease
Write a hit song
Complain about everything
Join the Army
Burst into song and dance
End up on a farm
Move abroad
Become a monk
Win the Nobel Peace Prize
Travel to Mars
Be a cult leader
Meet the Queen
Move to another country
Build their own house
Release the next cool gadget
Write a children’s book
Become a millionaire by launching a bestselling app
Go to a Justin Bieber concert
Get lost at Disneyland
Scrimp on birthday presents
Give/receive the most hugs

Zoella’s Most likely to…

Zoella has released a series of “Most Likely to” vlogs with Joe, Tanya and Mark. Watch the latest one here
Here are Zoella and Mark’s “Most Likely To…” questions:

Leave the cinema, or a show if they’re not enjoying the show
Tweet something they’re supposed to text
Get lost on the underground
End up in A&E in another country
Be in prison for 24 hours
Slap someone (by accident)
Get an acting career
Join a club/class
Get kicked out of life drawing class
Bungee jump
Not shower for a week
Have plastic surgery
Fart in public
Be told off
Go on holiday/have a night away on their own
Sell all their worldly possessions
Go to the toilet with the door open
Re-watch all of their favourite TV shows over and over again
Pack too much for a holiday
Complain about their food in a restaurant
Change a tyre
Fall asleep during a party
Get up early at the weekend, even if they have nothing to do
Go to the gym

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