Here’s 10 Reasons Why Yearbooks Are Super Important

Unsure whether your school should do a yearbook this year? Here are 10 simple reasons why you should!

  • Remember your friends and teachers when you were at school.
  • Look back at what you were wearing and what hairstyles were fashionable – and maybe wonder what you were thinking!
  • In years to come, you can prove that you went to school with a famous person.
  • Remember old boyfriends and girlfriends, or current ones – you may be looking at your yearbook together in the future!
  • Read comments and messages – has someone confessed a secret crush on you?
  • When you have a school reunion in the future, see if people followed their ‘In 10 years time I’ll be…’ ambitions.
  • In the future, enjoy looking back and getting nostalgic. A yearbook is a memory book too.
  • Make a profit! Any surplus money you raise could go towards the prom or be donated to a school project.
  • Build important life/career skills during the planning and organising of your yearbook project.
  • And most importantly… to celebrate the achievement of finishing school with the excitement of receiving your yearbook!
Yearbook Time Capsule

Yearbooks are Better Than Social Media

Don’t believe me? You will once you read this article – Why a Yearbook is a Better Time Capsule than Social Media.

One day, Instagram will go the way of MySpace, and disappear. When that happens, you’ll be glad to have a printed yearbook.