Why Get A Yearbook?

Are yearbooks really that important? At this point in your life, you’re looking forward, not back. Why spend money on a yearbook? Surely you won’t forget all the friends you’ve made!

You’ll be surprised. The next few years will be so busy and full of adventures that your school memories will naturally start fading away. You’ll be grateful to have a tangible reminder of this special time in your life.

A yearbook encapsulates a time and place in a special way that nothing else does.

It helps that yearbooks are physical books. Years from now, a yearbook will still be on your bookshelf – possibly slightly dusty, but unchanged. We’ve all got tons of photos of ourselves and our friends on Facebook and Instagram, but will they still be there in 20 years’ time?

SPC Yearbook on shelf

Yearbooks are inclusive. You’ll remember your best friends ten years from now, but what about that funny kid in your science class that you always wished you’d gotten to know better? Or the special teacher who helped you feel more confident? Your yearbook will remind you about them too. 

And most importantly, your future children can have a good laugh at your wacky retro hairstyle!

Yearbooks from SPC Yearbooks are extra special because you create them yourself, using our intuitive online software. Click here to start your free trial. Your future self will thank you!

Finally, here’s a picture of a dog reading a yearbook, just because.