What is a yearbook theme?

Terms such as yearbook design, yearbook ideas and yearbook page ideas are fairly self explanatory, but what is a yearbook theme? What makes a good, or even great yearbook theme?

In essence, a yearbook theme contains a recurring element which runs from cover-to-cover. A yearbook theme unifies the whole document and helps it flow from page to page. The theme could be your design, page backgrounds, colours, style of photos, style of text and page titles, or any other element of your yearbook. Take a look through magazines, brochures and our sample guide to see how styles and elements help pull the whole thing together. Still confused? Let us show you some examples of yearbook themes created by our studio team.

Comic book-style yearbook theme

Comic book yearbook designs are all about fun, bright, colourful pages with storyboards, bold graphics and speech bubbles.

School yearbook teams choose this design because of it’s stylish splashes of colour.

  • Have fun with half-tone effects (lots of dots).
  • Use fun, comic book-style fonts with titles in capitals to make them jump off the page.
  • Don’t be shy when using flash star shapes and speech bubbles.

You could always integrate your school colour(s) to personalise the design, or you could go for a black and white background with bright accents.

End of a journey yearbook theme

  • Stamps – postal stamps or passport stamps make great yearbook travel theme elements.
  • Doodles and scribbles – small, hand-drawn illustrations of anything travel-related, such as modes of transport, globes, famous buildings, exotic animals, etc. add a unique touch to your yearbook.
  • Travel tags – great for yearbook page titles and yearbook profile page comments.
  • Flags – use these as bunting across the top of your page, or use flag images as part of your background.

You’ll find lots of these design elements in our Yearbook Hub builder.

At the Movies… yearbook theme

The ultimate in glamorous yearbook design – scrolling film, popcorn and a red carpet. Choose a movie theme, for example, Sci-fi, rom-com, thriller, horror, etc. or mix it up!

  • Movie tickets.
  • Clapper boards.
  • ‘Walk of Fame’ style stars.
  • Red carpet / red curtain.

Get everyone involved in creating movie still photos for your profile pages. This theme gives you the license to use a wealth of colours, so don’t be afraid to experiment and put your school’s stamp on a movie yearbook theme.

You may want to base your yearbook theme on an element of your school’s history, school colours, or school building(s).

Does your yearbook have a title? Perhaps your yearbook theme could relate to this? Here are some slogan suggestions to get you started:

Life’s a beach
Life, Camera, Action!
Made in <school name>
Carpe diem (seize the day, enjoy the day)
A picture is worth <leavers year> words
Behind the Scenes
End of an era / End of a journey
Time for reflection
Time for change
On air!
Earning our stripes
Greatest show on Earth
Looking back and moving forward

For more yearbook ideas and to see the theme our sample guide follows, request a copy here!