Yearbook theme ideas – Urban graffiti design

Usually considered the art of extremists – graffiti is expressive, which is ideal for yearbooks as a yearbook is an expression of your time and experiences during school, college or university. There are no hard and fast rules for a graffiti theme design so your imagination is your playground. SPC Yearbooks’ designers have put together some suggestions to help you with your graffiti yearbook theme design…

1. Don’t hit a brick wall – use one in your design! If you don’t already have one, take a photo of a brick wall and use it as a page background. If it’s a dark wall, remember to use a light font colour for text (e.g. white) which will stand out or add a coloured box background to text entries and vice-versa if it’s a light colour wall. A brick wall background would be ideal for your yearbook cover too.

2. Customise with paint splats (and other shapes) – don’t be afraid to throw a bit of paint around the page. Place a couple of paint splats around your page or use them behind your profile photos. You could even add them as your page number backgrounds.

3. Use a stencil as your pencil – as well as incorporating drawings in your design, create stencils by cutting shapes and letters out of paper and use spray paints for a genuine graffiti effect. Remember to use spray paints outdoors and ask a parent/teacher/friend to help you. The same spray paint effect can be achieved in Photoshop by drawing a shape, making it a selection and choosing Filter>Brush Strokes>Splatter from the top menu bar.

4. Experiment with expressive fonts (but make sure you can read them) – If you decide against designing your own letters; graffiti fonts are varied and really fun to experiment with. These fonts can be decorative or simple, but just a word of warning – make sure you can read the text. We recommend using graffiti fonts for titles and then choosing a standard font such as Arial, Verdana, Helvetica or Calibri for larger entries of text.

Still making your mind up whether a yearbook is right for your school? Contact our team on 01480 410432 or email us with any questions or worries you may have about starting a yearbook project and we’ll be happy to help.

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