Upload photos from Facebook to your online yearbook project

Did you know that you can upload photos directly from your Facebook account into your Yearbook Designer Live project? It’s really easy, follow the steps below…

  • Login to your Yearbook Designer Live! account (if you don’t have an account yet, call us on 01480 410432) and open your group yearbook project.
  • In the ‘images’ tab at the bottom of the editor window, click the Facebook ‘f’ icon.
  • A pop-up window will ask you to login to your Facebook account and grant access to the Yearbook Designer Live! app.
  • Once you’ve logged in and granted access to the application, all of your Facebook photo albums will appear in your ‘images’ tab. Drag and drop these images straight into image boxes or directly onto your page.

Each time you want to access your Facebook photos to use in the yearbook, simply log in to your Facebook account and click the ‘f’ icon in the ‘images’ tab to view your albums. Your Facebook photos won’t be visible to other users, but remember to log out of your Facebook account if using a shared computer!