Top tips on motivating your yearbook committee

In previous posts we’ve talked about yearbook committee roles and given you tips on how to organise your committee meetings. How do you motivate your yearbook committee to complete tasks, turn up to meetings, keep involved and remain enthusiastic about doing a school yearbook?

Motivation stems directly from enthusiasm and the key to getting people to share your enthusiasm for something is to share your vision. When you talk about how you envisage the yearbook to look, represent and how it will benefit all participants, try to push that enthusiasm through your voice.

People will soon lose interest if they feel that their points, ideas and feedback are being ignored or not taken seriously. The idea of working as a team is to listen to each other and give every yearbook committee member the opportunity to express their opinions. Motivation needs recognition and reward – even if it’s something as simple as a ‘thank you’.

Make committee meetings fun and comfortable – choose a comfy, quiet area to sit and discuss your yearbook. Perhaps take it in turns to bring drinks and nibbles to the meetings. Once you receive your first yearbook proof, take it to the meetings so everyone can see how it is progressing as this will keep everyone motivated and eager to see the yearbook through to a finished product.

Set at least one task for each yearbook committee member to complete before the next meeting, this will keep your project’s momentum rolling throughout and everyone will feel like they are contributing, which is a major motivator.