Yearbook theme ideas – tailor your theme to your school year

Saffron Walden had an assembly topic “Life’s a beach” and that’s what they’ve gone with for the yearbook too, “If other schools are stuck for what theme to have, they could just think back to proms, assemblies, productions, parties or other events. That way, the theme is less random and it’s relevant to that year.”

We love this suggestion to help shape your yearbook theme. Other relevant ideas could be school traditions, trips, your school’s surroundings, your school motto, a popular catchphrase, something your school has done in celebration of an event or a special achievement by your year – anything which represents your year or you can look back on with a smile.

When choosing a unique theme for your yearbook, make sure it has legs – start planning page ideas to see if you have enough material to use throughout your pages. Particularly if you’re designing the yearbook yourself, obscure themes may only reach so far before becoming repetitive.

Saffron Walden’s theme idea ‘life’s a beach’ is great, as there are plenty of elements to be used: the sea, sea life, shells, palm trees, boats, etc. If you opt for a trips theme you could use monuments, souvenirs, postcards, traditional foods, maps, etc. in your design. Perhaps you would like your theme to be based around your school – use photos or illustrations of the buildings as backgrounds and take photos of each form room to use as backgrounds for profile pages.

Do you have a great yearbook theme idea that you are willing to share? We’d love to hear about it… email us: [email protected].