How To Let Students Create Their Own Profile Pages

Student profile pages are the heart and soul of a yearbook. When you think of a yearbook, you think of student profile pages: pages of photos in rows with witty (or lame) comments underneath. This is the classic approach, and it’s great – but why not get a little creative with your profile pages?

Even better, why not let the students get a little creative with their profile pages?

Now we’re talking! Our online yearbook creator, Yearbook Hub, lets you assign users to different sections. This means that any number of users can log in and work on their own section at the same time without interfering with anyone else’s section. What could be easier?

This means that every student can have their very own entire profile page to design, so they can really express who they are and highlight their favourite memories. With hundreds of page backgrounds and clip art images to play with, the sky’s the limit. 

Example student profile pages

It’s up to you whether you want to give every student free rein to decide what goes on their profile page, or if you want to set up some structured guidelines for page content. You could decide on a set of questions and ask everyone to answer them. We’ve got lots of inspiration to help you come up with awesome student profile page questions:

Unusual Yearbook Questions

Yearbook Ideas: Questions for Students

Yearbook Ideas: Questions You Might Not Have Thought Of

If you want to keep the yearbook looking visually consistent throughout, you could set the page backgrounds and layouts yourself – this is easy using our Saved Layouts feature. Or you could decide on a category for page backgrounds (like Chalkboard or Celebrate) and let students choose a background from that category, then go wild with clip art and layouts. 

It’s easy to get student profile pages looking amazing in no time – and most importantly, letting students design their own profile pages lets you focus on the important things in life…like taking that perfect selfie!

Get started today with a free Yearbook Hub trial account. Play with the software for two whole weeks with no commitment.