Yearbooks Seriously Love Originality

We love to see original artwork being used in your fabulous yearbooks – this is because it shows that a lot of time and thought has gone into creating that artwork, it shows off the wealth of talent in the year group and the yearbook will be completely unique to your school and your year. There are many ways to create your own original artwork…

  • Good old fashioned hand-drawn illustrations – pens, pencils and paper will never go out of fashion and are always accessible at school or at home. Photograph, or scan in your creations and upload them to Yearbook Hub!
  • Create your own graphics using a computer, or use a scanner and trace something you’ve already drawn.
  • Pick up objects around you to use – anything that you’ve collected over the years. For example, pencil cases, notes from friends, favourite snack wrappers, objects from trips etc. photograph or scan these objects to use in your yearbook.
  • Take photographs – capture what’s around you and put it in your yearbook. You could pop the photos you take onto the computer and use an editing program to add filters and play with colours, creating some funky effects.

Some members of your year will enjoy artistic projects more than others, so ask around for volunteers to create and submit artwork for your yearbook. Once you have your group of creatives, decide who works on which page. If you’ve decided on a yearbook theme, set the creative brief to follow that theme.

Alternatively, if you are allowing each student to have their own profile page in your yearbook, ask them to design their page themselves. This allows them to make it completely personal to them.

Don’t forget your cover! A great cover sets the tone for a great yearbook. Either ask one of your creatives to design the cover or combine favourite artwork for your cover.

Original artwork helps to produce a really fun and diverse yearbook – different to any other yearbook in the world! If you have any questions about which yearbook creator to use, get in touch with our friendly team on 01480 410432 or email [email protected].

Get your free copy of SPC Yearbooks’ Sample Guide by clicking here.