Record competitions, achievements and charity events in your yearbook

You’ve probably taken part in several competitions and charity events throughout your time in school, and no doubt you will have achieved lots of things, both as individuals and as a year group. It’s nice to include these in your yearbook for you to look back on in the future. Here are few ideas of events you could include a review of in your yearbook.

Charity Events – add photos and show how much you raised in your yearbook!

Many schools pride themselves on their work for both local and national charities, so this can be a good thing to include in your yearbook. Whether your school organised a non-uniform/pyjama day, a sponsored run, a cake sale, or filling shoe boxes for children in under-privileged countries – it’s nice to have a record of all the things the school have achieved in your yearbook. As well as including photos and photo montage pages of any events, you can have information about the charities you’ve helped, and totals of how much you’ve raised for individual charities and events as well as a total raised overall.

Achievements – celebrate individual and group achievements in your yearbook

If students have achieved something outstanding include this in your yearbook too – it could be anything from Duke of Edinburgh awards, a student who’s won a D&AD award, students representing the school at a national level, or who knows, maybe even a student, previous student appearing on reality TV!

In-school competitions – add the winners to your yearbook awards page!

Schools often run internal competitions, such as art competitions, cooking/baking contests, or sports days. If you’ve had any competitions you could dedicate a page in your yearbook to covering these events. Include photos of the event taking place and of winning/commended entries along with details of winners.

Inter-school competitions – get plenty of action photos for your yearbook montage/sports pages.

There are also lots of competitions which take place between students in your school and those of other schools, for example, sports tournaments. If you’ve done well in certain tournaments or in sports in general it is nice to document this in your yearbook pages. You could split it up into a page for each sport you excel in and include tables of results, along with photos of the teams and even any trophies you may have won.

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