Recipe of a great yearbook!

Congratulations Nancy for winning this year’s Great British Bake Off! But at SPC Yearbooks we have a recipe that a baker with any experience level can complete. So even if you don’t have Normans ‘consistency’, Diana’s (alleged) willingness to sabotage, or Chetna’s amazing control of flavours, our recipe and step-by step method will still ensure you can bake up a yearbook that will tickle even Mary Berry’s fancy!

So gather up the ingredients, and follow our instructions to make your dream yearbook a reality, we look forward to seeing your show-stopper!

What you’ll need:

50g Teacher (to oversee the project and sign off the yearbook)
200g Yearbook committee
150g Planning
50g Marketing
200g Design (optional depending how you want to make your yearbook)
500g Photos and text
30g Proofreading

Preparation time: varies

  1. Gather a group of willing and committed peers to become the yearbook committee. Before moving on to step two, it’s important to decide the following:

  • Who will be in charge of the project and setting deadlines?

  • Who will be marketing the yearbook?

  • Who will be gathering text and photos?

  • Who will be in monitoring yearbook payments?

It’s really useful to prepare a flat plan (a rough design showing how the pages and content are laid out) of your dream yearbook. This will help when gathering content, and when it comes to actually designing the yearbook.

2. Prove by raising awareness of your yearbook! You should start doing this as early as possible, keep reminding people about it, and build some excitement. You could ask if you’re allowed to talk about it in an assembly, or in class. It’s also a good idea to release teasers, showing how the yearbook will look. We also provide a top guide to marketing and free tools to get you started.

3. Get your hands dirty and design your yearbook yourself with our specially made yearbook software, or online packages. If you decide to design your own yearbook, allow a bit of extra time for this and take a look at our pre-designed page layouts which make life really easy. Alternatively let us take on the design for you leaving you to work on other things!

4. Focus on the filling! Get your text and photo requests pushed out to your year group as early as you can. This allows plenty of time to dig deep into those archives (and Facebook) to collect content for your yearbook, such as photos from school trips, sports day events, Year 7 v’s Year 11 photos, etc. It can take people a while to plan what to say in their yearbook, so the more time to muster an out of this world student, or teacher profile comment, the better! Ask us about our handy online tools for collecting yearbook photos and comments.

5.Allow to cool. After the yearbook is designed ask one or two teachers to read through your yearbook for any pesky errors. We’ve seen how devastating it is when all the hard work of the yearbook committee is tarnished by silly errors which would have been picked up by a quick read.

6. The proof is in the eating. Once your dream yearbook is a reality and has been handed out, enjoy flipping through your hard earned yearbook with a cuppa and a chocolate biscuit. Oh and maybe tweet Paul Hollywood for feedback?

Request a free sample pack to get started on your yearbook!