Positive Lockdown Memories For Your Yearbook

At times it feels like there hasn’t been much to get excited about in 2020-21. The COVID-19 pandemic has made life difficult and a little scary in lots of ways. So why should you put it in your yearbook? Yearbooks are supposed to be full of happy memories.

Well, with a little creativity, there are lots of fun things you can focus on, and plenty of unconventional topics for your yearbook. We think this could be the most creative yearbook year ever!

Lockdown lists
How did everyone keep themselves busy during lockdown? You could ask people what they binged on Netflix, YouTube channels/influencers followed, or their favourite home workout routine. Did anyone learn a new language or skill? How did they celebrate their birthdays? Who has the best virtual background?

Solo style
Ask everyone for their best lockdown selfies. Who has the coolest face mask? Who now lives in pajamas? Makeup: is anyone still bothering, or is it all gathering dust?

Giving back
The pandemic has been full of examples of selflessness and sharing. How did it bring out the best in you? Did anyone volunteer to help vulnerable people? How did you stay connected to your community?

Virtual class life
You could ask teachers for screenshots of their virtual classrooms. Have any funny photobombs been saved for posterity? How have they adapted to online learning?

The funny side
Plenty of funny moments have happened during lockdown. Did your cat decide to hog your laptop camera? Did you give yourself a truly terrible haircut? Why not ask for everyone to send in their favourite memes from the past year?

Tell the story
We’re living through a historical event, and it will be interesting years from now to remember how it affected us. You could ask everyone to describe how the pandemic has influenced their lives, or include a COVID-19 timeline page.

Artist spotlight
Instead of the usual yearbook topics like team sports, group activities and class trips, why not focus on things that often get a little less attention, like the arts? I bet lots of your schoolmates have produced some amazing paintings, photos, poems and stories this past year. You could even include a QR code linking to videos of online performances.

Recent history
You may have been at your current school for five to seven years. Don’t forget all the great trips, events and sports from previous years at your school!

See? Your class of 2020-21 yearbook can really stand out! And when you’re creating your yearbook, don’t forget to take advantage of our great Photo Post feature, which lets you invite anyone to upload photos directly to the yearbook safely and easily, right from their own sofas. Bring on the selfies and screenshots!

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