Paws for Thought: Example Yearbook for Doggy Daycare

Looking for yearbook examples to get inspired? Look no further. Last year we worked with Scent-a-Barks Doggy Daycare to produce a fun-filled yearbook showcasing their four-legged clients. 

Here at SPC we don’t like to play favourites, but…come on. It’s a yearbook for dogs.

On top of being generally adorable, the Scent-a-Barks yearbook is also really well designed, using lots of dynamic page backgrounds and clip art elements from our Yearbook Hub software. It incorporates thoughtful profiles of each dog and lots of special memories.

Instead of grouping the dogs by class, Scent-a-Barks had the idea to group them by personality – ‘Fluffsters’, ‘Wrestle Mania’, and ‘Ballers’. (Why not try this with your school yearbook? It would be unorthodox, but would make for a truly memorable yearbook.)

The yearbook is bursting with photos, giving the doggy parents a vivid picture of what their furkids get up to during the day and making a wonderful keepsake. We’re particular fans of the captioned photo pages:

The pages showcasing the doggos’ BFF groups are also brilliant:

We love how Scent-a-Barks have used clip art elements to create fun accents and tie the pages together in a unified way. Each page spread has a consistent look and feel. 

There’s lots of yearbook inspiration to be found here, even if your yearbook is for slightly less fuzzy students. Our Yearbook Hub software includes hundreds of professionally designed page backgrounds, yearbook covers and clip art elements, so you can start building pages in minutes. Get in touch today and start your free trial!

But first, take your dog to the park.