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Pass the baton to the next yearbook committee

Pass your yearbook notes of wisdom to the next leavers generation. Like a relay, it’s time to hand the baton over to the next school yearbook team members. Here are a few ideas of useful things to archive:

1. Make a yearbook file – perhaps your yearbook committee made notes about where to find design ideas and inspiration. Maybe you put together a spreadsheet for budgeting, and a marketing plan – any planning documents will be hugely valuable to the next yearbook team.

2. Show your previous yearbook proof – either print out or save to CD a copy of your yearbook proof so that the next team can see your design and page ideas. Next year’s committee may wish to use the same yearbook design, in which case SPC Yearbooks can easily organise this for them.

3. Share the tools you used – Did you use any online or software tools (for example, Yearbook Hub, project management software, online content storage sites, etc.)? If so, make a note of the website address and software names so that the next yearbook generation can use the tools you found helpful. Facebook group and Twitter account details will give the next yearbookers an invaluable helping hand.

4. List of contacts – Email addresses of people or organisations that you found it useful to contact, for example school photographer, website provider, community magazine, advertisers (if ads were used in the yearbook to generate additional funds), etc. Staff members/parents/guardians who either organised, supervised or helped with the creation of the yearbook – perhaps they would like to help out again next year?

Jemma Yearbook Author


SPC Yearbook Customer Account Manager

At SPC Yearbooks I help customers with their project, from start to finish. I enjoy assisting customers create a sentimental product that the students will keep for a long time to come! Fun fact about me - I like interior design and have an overflowing bookshelf of books.

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