Organise a yearbook signing party

A yearbook signing party is a great opportunity (and one of the last opportunities) to get everyone together, hand out and sign each other’s yearbooks.

What to organise for a signing party:

  • Somewhere to hold the party – maybe with music and decorations to give a fun atmosphere
  • Helpers for setting up and tidying up afterwards
  • Invitations and/or posters to remind people when and where the yearbook signing party is taking place
  • Order forms, just in case those who didn’t order a yearbook change their mind once they see them! Remember – you can order top-ups from SPC Yearbooks and as long as you have 20 or more books they will be the same price.
  • Tables and chairs
  • Plenty of pens
  • Don’t forget the yearbooks!

What should I write in the yearbooks at the signing party?

This depends on the person and how well you know them, but instead of putting the same message in every yearbook, try to make your message personal.

  • A memory that you and that person shared during your time at school
  • Ask them to keep in touch via Facebook, email, etc.
  • You may see them next year if you’re continuing education, in which case, let them know that you’re looking forward to seeing them.

There’s still time to do a yearbook – click here to request a sample pack!